We are looking for volunteers to help victims of crime in the Montgomery area with repairs. 


Serving Victims of Crime

We are a local faith based non-profit organization with a serious mission to minister to all families, elderly and individuals who have been a victim of crime through a burglary, robbery, assault, stalking or other crimes, just as in the Bible (Luke 10:25-37) the Good Samaritan ministered to the victim lying on the side of the road beaten and robbed.

Who We Are

To serve crime victims and their families by addressing material, emotional and spiritual needs and providing supportive services.

Our Mission


Neighbors InC

Victim Repair Services

  • Replace Locks
  • Rekey Locks
  • Replace Doors
  • Repair Doors
  • Replace glass

We need you!!!

Give us a call:


(334) 271-3313.  ​

  If someone robs or breaks into your home and you become a     victim call the police and then call us if you need assistance.